Easily manage your account, pay bills, and earn rewards with the redONE 1App.

When is this promotion available?

The promotion is available till further notice. Sign Up Now!

Is this promotion available online?

This promotion is available at all stores. Click here to locate the store.

What is this promotion about?

redONE is waiving off the $10 SIM Card Fee for the first time! 

Can I sign up for any plan under redONE?

Yes. You can sign up for 5 of our plans (Super Plans and PERFECT10 Plan) and enjoy this promotion.

When I sign up, is there a $10 SIM Card Fee?

The $10 SIM Card Fee is waived during this promotional period.

I signed up for your plan earlier. Can I get a refund for the $10 SIM Card fee?

Thank you for signing a line with us! Unfortunately, we are unable to do a refund.

  1. This promotion is available till further notice.
  2. The promotion offers a $10 SIM Card Fee Waiver for new sign-ups.
  3. No compensation will be provided for sign-ups before 10 November 2023.
  4. redONE reserves the right to amend the Terms and Conditions to this promotion at any point in the promotional campaign. 
  5. This offer’s terms and conditions shall be read in addition to the redONE terms and conditions (“Principal Terms & Conditions”) accepted by the Customer. They shall be supplemental to the Principal Terms & Conditions. The Principal Terms and Conditions shall continue to apply and bind the Customer for this promotion.