Easily manage your account, pay bills, and earn rewards with the redONE 1App.

Online Payment via 1App

With our 1App, you are able to make payments easily via PayNow, eNETS, VISA/Mastercard or set-up your Auto-Debit for a seamless payment every month!

Gone are the days where you panic, unsure whether you have made your bill payments. Follow through your bank steps to finalise your payment. Upon successful payment, an email will be sent to your registered email address with redONE.

How to make payment via 1App

Step 1: Open your redONE ‘1App’, and click on the second tab at the bottom of the app. Select ‘Manage Payments.’

Step 2: Select ‘Add Debit/Credit Card.’

Step 3: Read thorugh the declaration and click on ‘Submit’ to confirm.

Step 4: Select on ‘Auto CC via 1App’ for Auto-Debit.

Step 5: Select your channel of payment.

Step 6: Select the Visa/Mastercard option and follow through the bank steps.

Step 7: Key in your VISA/Mastercard Credit or Debit Card details here.

Step 8: After successfully going through the bank steps, your linked card will show under ‘Auto Payment Managent.’