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Choose your own preferred digits as your mobile number!

How to sign up

*This is a mirrored number, whereby the last 4 digits will mirror the first 4 digits.

  1. Is this applicable for all registrations?
    This is only applicable for new redONE line registrations.
  2. I have an existing redONE line, and I would like to change my number to a Premium number. Is that possible?
    No, we do not allow change of number at the moment. To get a Premium number, you would need to register for a new redONE line. 
  3. What are the charges of the various categories of numbers?
    We have 5 different categories of Premium numbers; Nice, Special, Golden, VIP, VVIP. The price of the numbers are $38, $88, $388, $888, and $3,889 respectively. Normal numbers (numbers-without-pattern) are free.
  4. How do I choose my own number?
    The first 4 digits of the mobile number are pre-selected. You may select the last 4 digits of your choice. Simply make your way down to any of our Partners and register for a redONE line. Inform them your preferred last 4 digits and they will let you know the price. 
  5. Can I reserve the number that I want?
    No, we do not allow reservation of numbers. The number that you have chosen will not be removed from the system until your line has been successfully registered. 
  1. Changing of base plan requests is available from 3rd June 2020.

  2. Subscribers can request changing of base plan at any time, but will only kick in in the following bill cycle. 

  3. Change of base plan requests are only for lines who are in-use. 

  4. Change of base plan requests will be rejected for barred or suspended lines.

  5. The Amazing plans’ first bill will be prorated based on the subscriber’s date of plan activation. Our billing cycle is at the 1st of every month.

  6. All prices quoted include 7% GST and based on monthly recurring service unless otherwise stated.

  7. The regular Terms & Conditions of signing a redONE line applies

  8. redONE reserves the right to amend the Terms & Conditions without prior notice.